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ups to perform heart transplant surgery and different pre and post operative processes. Gradually, medicines were discovered to help the patients accept the foreign hearts with better success rate of transplantation. This has led to the transplantation of the heart from suitable donors, which is also fuelling the drive for organ transplantation. Nowadays, it is possible to transplant variety of organs from donors into the patients and that too with good success. In the latter part of the 20th century, heart transplant surgery in India started to be done in different hospitals with the use of immunomodulator drugs for increasing the acceptance rate of the foreign heart.

Heart transplant surgery is done in patients in India after the original heart has become dysfunctional and undergone failure. These are conditions in which the transplant is done, which comprises of different types of pre and post operative steps.

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What is heart transplant surgery

In the process of heart transplant surgery, the techniques are mastered with more number of surgeries. Among the different kinds of open heart surgeries, the transplant surgery is said to be the easiest and is carried out in 3 clearly outlined steps.

In the first step, the heart is taken out from the donor, after the body functions cease on event of death. It is when the patient has undergone brain death. Usually the patient is in the state of having life support, using ventilator and respirator. The heart is then removed and transported in ice and in quick time, so that it can be implanted in the patient.

Removing the heart from the recipient is the second step of heart transplant surgery in India. It may be very quickly done, although sometimes there are complications due to the adherences if prior surgeries have been performed. By the time the heart from the recipient is removed, the donor heart should be in place.

Among the heart surgeries and the three stepped transplantation procedures, the third step is quite easy as it involves the fixing of the donor heart into the recipient's mediastinum. It requires anastomosing the 5 major vessels in the reason and there are no much complications involved in such organ donations.

In India, many cardiac centres are performing the heart transplant surgery with better pre and post operative care for the patients. Also, there has been better awareness about organ donation, so that people usually get a heart to be transplanted. With improved ICU care post operative, there is better success rate for such operations.

Why heart transplant surgery is required

People of any age group can undergo the procedure of heart transplant surgery in India and this is to be decided in consultation with the cardiac surgeons. After the heart has been declared to be at end stage condition, the procedure is usually required. But sometimes, due to the lack of any suitable donor heart, people are kept in palliative treatment, where medications and shunt surgeries may be required. As soon as a suitable donor is available, the surgery is then performed. This is supposedly quite an easy process after that, as donation is mostly coordinated through Indian cardiology hospitals these days.

Since there is dearth of heart donors, there should be proper selection of the recipients with the idea that one can be best benefited by undergoing the heart transplant surgery. To get a transplant, the other organs in the body should be functioning properly, without any superimposing infections or diabetes or dysfunctional organ. Since such conditions are prone for rejection of the transplanted heart and various kinds of immunomodulators, these patients are usually not considered for heart transplant surgery in India as there are few donors. So, the best suitable person is chosen as the recipient. There should also be a compatibility of the heart with that of the donor, or else there will be rejection of the organ.

What are the benefits of heart transplant surgery in Indian Hospitals

If the heart transplant surgery is done properly, with the right kinds of donors and suitable peri-operative procedures, there are plenty of chances of the recipient living for long after the surgery. In Indian hospitals and cardiac centres, the success rate has become very good due to strict selection of patients and the use of medications. Besides, the cardiac ICUs are hugely improved to take exclusive care of the patients with heart transplant surgery. Five year survival limit is quite good with a percentage more than 80 for many people, both men and women as per research from different Indian hospitals. If the transplant wouldn't have been done, there was every chance of the person being dead, which is not the case after transplantation, if it is done properly.

Why Indian hospitals should be chosen for heart transplant surgery

Many cardiac centres in India are involved in performing heart transplant surgeries, for which there are good links with organ donor organisations. These centres require the suitable candidates to go through a series of tests, which is done under admission, and along the way, they can perform variety of pre-operative procedures to fully understand the implications of the transplant. Besides the operative part, the heart transplant surgery also requires the patients to undergo psychological testing for there is involvement of plenty of procedures and lots of medications. In India, heart transplant doesn't cost much, compared to the foreign countries, although organ donation is not very much common. Still, with the number of donors that are available, there have been many successful cases of heart transplant surgery, good communication systems and highly respected heart surgeons in India. The scenario is looking up with many foreigners opting to get heart transplants in India also.

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