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Heart Treatment Package In India

Heart Surgery/Procedure    
Coronary Angiography(CAG)   Get Cost
Coronary Angioplasty (PTCA) OR Stenting   Get Cost
Electrical System of Heart(EPS)   Get Cost
EPS & RFA   Get Cost
Bentall Surgery   Get Cost
Cabrol Procedure   Get Cost
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation   Get Cost
Bypass Surgery(CABG)   Get Cost
Valve Replacment/Repair Surgery   Get Cost
ASD Closure / Repair (Adult)   Get Cost
VSD Closure / Repair (Adult)   Get Cost
Heart Port Surgery   Get Cost
ASD Heart Port Surgery   Get Cost
Pacemaker Implantation Single Chamber   Get Cost
Pacemaker Implantation Double Chamber   Get Cost
ICD Combo Device Implantation   Get Cost
Arterial Switch Operation   Get Cost
BT Shunt Surgery   Get Cost
BD Glenn Surgery   Get Cost
Conduit Replacement/Repair   Get Cost
Fontan Surgery   Get Cost
Tetralogy of Fallot   Get Cost
Closed Heart Surgery   Get Cost
Heart Transplant Surgery   Get Cost
A V Canal Repair Surgery   Get Cost
ASD/VS Closure(Ped)   Get Cost
PDA Ligation   Get Cost
ASD/VSD Device Closure   Get Cost
Double Switch Surgery   Get Cost
Rastelli Procedure   Get Cost
TAPVC Repair   Get Cost
PDA Device Closure   Get Cost

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