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Home BlogRobot-assisted heart surgery has proved to be a revolutionary procedure enabling Indian heart surgeons to perform most complex surgeries with highest precision

Robot-assisted heart surgery has proved to be a revolutionary procedure enabling Indian heart surgeons to perform most complex surgeries with highest precision

Robotic heart surgery in India through da vinci technology is highly being appreciated by cardiac patients globally. It is accessible at best heart hospital in India and is performed by top heart surgeon in India who is not only specialized in this surgical procedure but also has decades of experience in treating cardiac patients.

Most advanced technology, state-of-the-art infrastructure and such an amazing skill set make India a preferred medical tourism destination. All this is available at costs that are much lower than the western world.

Read below to have an in-depth knowledge about robot-assisted or robotic heart surgery in India:

  • Based on the initial evaluation and medical condition, your doctor who is one of the best heart surgeon in India will decide whether you are a suitable candidate for robotic surgery.
  • It is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed with the help of a computer console that controls the surgical instruments mounted by robotic arms.
  • Your doctor will perform the surgery upon your heart through incisions that are lesser than 2 inches. This means that your recovery is much faster and you can get back to daily life activities within a short span of time.
  • The 3D magnification allows much better precision than conventional heart surgeries and helps doctors to treat even the most complex cardiothoracic ailments.
  • Computer controlled surgical instruments significantly eradicate the tremor effect during performing complex surgeries and thus make it more comfortable for doctors to manoeuvre surgical instruments through computer console than performing it directly.
  • The other advantages of robotic heart surgery in India include – much lesser blood loss, no need for blood transfusion, much shorter hospital stay, lesser pain and scar, faster recovery and early return to normal life activities with improved health.

Following are the various types of robotic heart surgeries:

  • MIDCABG (Minimally Invasive Direct Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting) surgeryAn off-pump (without heart-lung machine) surgery that is done without cut opening the chest. It just requires small incisions. Robotic heart bypass surgery leaves few small scars on the side of chest, whereas conventional one may leave 8 to 10 inches long scar.
  • Robotic heart valve surgeryFor valve regurgitation cases, this surgery is done to repair mitral and tricuspid valves.
  • Robotic cardiac tumour surgery

    Intracardiac tumours are removed using closed chest approach and so, with the help of robot assisted cardiac surgery, both benign and malignant cardiac tumours can be treated.

  • Robotic ASD and PFO repair

    Both ASD and Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO) are done through tiny incisions in the right side of the chest. The surgeon uses endoscopic instruments to take a small patch of pericardial tissue which is then used for repairing ASD or PFO defects.

  • Robotic atrial fibrillation surgery.

    Robotic ablation for atrial fibrillation is done for treating abnormal heartbeats. Robot-assisted technique helps in treating patients without any use of cardiopulmonary bypass or sternotomy.

  • Robotic procedures for cardiac device implantations.

    Resynchronising of heartbeats can be done with the help of endoscopic instruments that are controlled by your treating doctor through the use of robotic arms and by making small incisions on the chest wall.