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Minimally Invasive cardiac surgery is the preferred choice as compared to the conventional method of operating by cutting through the breastbone

Conventional method of performing heart surgery through large incision in the chest is a thing of past now. Newer and more advanced technology used for minimally invasive cardiac surgery in India is preferred by top heart surgeon in India as well as patients. The demand for this surgical technique has grown tremendously in the past decade.

No one wants long stays in hospital, be it the best heart hospital in India with the top-class infrastructure. And with the help of minimally invasive cardiac surgery in India, we have been successful in significantly reducing the time spent by our patients in hospital. This technique allows your doctor to perform the complete surgery with minimum incision on the body and thus lesser pain and trauma before and after the surgery.

Mentioned below are the advantages of minimally invasive cardiac surgery over the conventional technique:

  • There is minimal blood loss and thus no need of blood transfusion. It also eliminates any chances of blood borne infection.
  • Unlike the traditional open-heart surgery, your stay will only be of 4 to 5 days. Whereas, with the earlier technique it used to be 8 to 10 days.
  • The incision is just 2 to 3 inches long and one can hardly make out that you have undergone a heart operation by seeing the scar.
  • Since there is no cutting of breastbone required in this technique, your pain and suffering reduces greatly. You will hardly face any difficulty in breathing.
  • The chance of post-op infection at incision site or lung infection gets eliminated. This is a great advantage particularly for patients of older age or diabetics as they are more prone to infection.
  • Due to shorter hospital stay and faster recovery, you can get back to normal routine life earlier.
  • Endoscopic Vein Harvesting is done during minimally invasive cardiac surgery in India. This method involves an incision of hardly 3 cm as compared to the conventional open harvest of GSV (Great Saphenous Vein) that involves an incision of around 20 to 40 cm.

What happens during the surgery?

This surgery is mostly a robot-assisted surgery in which your doctor who would be one of the best heart surgeon in India will very precisely make a small incision in the chest and get an access to your heart. Here, he would use robotic arms instead of his or her hands to perform the surgery. He would be operating through the remote console from where he can view your heart on a video monitor. Your heart will be clearly visible as high definition 3-D view.

The hand movements of your surgeon get precisely translated to the robotic arms which move in a similar manner as human wrist. Another surgeon is available at the operating table to closely monitor the surgery and also change surgical instruments attached with the robotic arms.

Post-operation you will be kept in ICU for a day so that closed monitoring can be done. You will be given fluid intake and medicines through IV. Few tubes will also be attached to your body for draining urine and other fluids after surgery. Gradually all these will be removed and you will get shifted to ward for another few days. Once your condition is stable, you will get discharged from the hospital on your doctor’s instructions.