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Looking At The Perspective Of Heart Surgery In India For Atrial Septal Defect

Congenital heart disease is supposedly one of the most morbid conditions for children. It is also a factor leading to death in children, either immediately after birth or in later years of childhood. Atrial septal defect is quite a common occurrence in the category of congenital heart disease, which can be corrected with the heart surgery in India. Moreover, in many of the cardiac centres across the country, it is possible to undergo this kind of surgery, with low cost and quick appointments. This has been possible because the time taken for the procedure is quick and the cost of heart surgery in India for the septal defects has lowered significantly.

Changes leading to the ASD and necessity of cardiac surgery

In cases of atrial septal defects, there is lack of a proper septum or wall between the right and left atrium, which should be normally formed during the development of the baby. When this wall is absent, there is communication of the fresh and deoxygenated blood in the chamber, thereby leading to plenty of issues for the patients. Being young in age, the children fail to get proper oxygenated blood supply to different organs of the body, and they suffer from cyanotic heart diseases also. Although this kind of condition can be harmful for the child in the long run, a small defect will not be sufficient to have problems. But still, a case of atrial septal defect with age will suffer from some common symptoms of dyspnea or difficulty in breathing, respiratory tract infections in the kids, palpitations or abnormal feeling of the heart beat and breath shortness more during activities. Through a series of tests, the ASD can be detected and confirmed, after which the heart surgery in India can be undertaken if necessary.

Costs involves some procedures to confirm the range of defect to know feasibility of surgery

Making up the cost of heart surgery in India for the atrial septal defect is the number of tests like cardiac catheterisation and coronary angiography, echocardiogram, and if required magnetic resonance imaging, apart from the actual heart surgery in India. In this kind of congenital heart disease, the best heart surgeon in India should be employed, because there is an important bearing on the decision to go for surgery or let the child grow with medications. Without sufficient symptomatic episodes, it is not necessary to subject the child to heart surgery in India, but if necessary, surgery is done to close the defect in the heart.

Lowered costs of surgery and maintenance of lifestyle

These days, cost of heart surgery in India is not very high, for the cases of septal atrial defect, because of the low cost but efficient devices called as ASD closure devices, which are placed at the point of defect. For smaller defects, this process appears to provide quick set relief, while larger defects would necessitate the best heart surgeon in India to carry out defect closure. Since the procedures being carried out in India are quite advanced, and the cost of heart surgery in India has come down significantly, it is nowadays possible for many children with ASD to have normal lifestyle.