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Home BlogDiseased heart valves are eitherrepaired or replacedby mechanical or tissue valve in order to maintain unidirectional flow of blood in the heart chambers

Diseased heart valves are eitherrepaired or replacedby mechanical or tissue valve in order to maintain unidirectional flow of blood in the heart chambers

Heart valve replacement surgery in India has become a preferred choice for people with diseased heart valve across the globe. If you are in search of a world-class treatment by one of the best heart surgeon in India and at most competitive rate then give us an opportunity to be your careprovider.

Our experienced team of doctors at the best heart hospital in India are known not only for their clinical expertise but also their empathetic behaviour and practice of formulating an informed treatment plan after detailed discussion of your case with you and your family.

Read below to learn more about heart valve replacement surgery:

  • To be able to better understand about the surgery, you first need to know about heart valves in brief. Our heart valves are thin tissue membranes that open and close at regular intervals to regulate blood flow through the chambers of heart. The sound of heartbeat is created by the rhythmic opening and closing of these valves.
  • Our heart has 4 valves which are primarily responsible for ensuring that blood flow is unidirectional and thus maintain healthy blood circulation. These valves are – Aortic valve, Mitral valve, Tricuspid valve and Pulmonary valve.
  • The mitral and tricuspid valves control blood flow from atria to the ventricles. Whereas, aortic and pulmonary valve control blood flow out of the ventricles. A normal and healthy valve ensures that blood does not flow back and moves freely and smoothly in one direction.
  • Heart valve disease occurs when one or more of these valves are unable to function properly. And heart valve replacement surgery in India will be required for related abnormalities like aortic stenosis (condition in which aortic valve becomes narrower than normal) or mitral regurgitation (condition in which abnormal leaking of blood occurs through the mitral valve).
  • Heart valve disease can either be a birth defect or result from degenerative mechanism or due to bacterial infections.It can also result from calcification which is accumulation of calcium on the heart valves and occurs mostly due to aging. Different kinds of heart surgeries are performed by top surgeons in India for treating these conditions.
  • It is diagnosed through investigations like echocardiogram (ECG) and chest x-ray followed by more advanced tests like cardiac catheterization (also known as coronary angiography), cardiac MRI and stress tests.
  • Valve surgery is done mostly for diseases of aortic and mitral valve. Whereas, tricuspid and pulmonary valves are mostly repaired, and not replaced. The valves that are used for replacement during surgery are either mechanical valves made of man-made material or tissue valves made from human or animal tissues.
  • During your operation, you will be admitted in hospital for around 5 to 7 days. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia and takes around 5 to 6 hours. It can either be done by opening the chest through incision or minimally invasive technique.
  • This heart valve replacement surgery in India will remarkably improve the quality of your life as you will no longer be facing problems like irregular heartbeat, difficulty in breathing, palpitations,fainting spells and swelling in feet, ankles or abdomen.