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Home BlogInternationally accredited Indian hospitals are witnessing significant increase in the number of medical tourists visiting India for heart surgery

Internationally accredited Indian hospitals are witnessing significant increase in the number of medical tourists visiting India for heart surgery

If you are looking for the best hospital for heart surgery in India, then be rest assured that you need not wander around anymore in search of the same! We are going to guide you ahead regarding some key points that need to be kept in mind before you choose your healthcare provider amongst the best heart hospital in India.

  • It is essential to explore about the hospital and get reviews from various resources. It is through the experiences of others that you will be able to confidently choose the best hospital for heart surgery in India.
  • Knowing about the experience, specialisation and qualification of the doctor you choose for your heart treatment is also important. There are a number of top heart surgeon in India who have successfully treated millions of patients with most complex heart ailments.
  • Location and infrastructure of the hospital are also important factors. A modern-day hospital will not only be clean but also fully equipped with most advanced technology and expert hands to operate them, so that your diagnosis is accurate and treatment is painless.
  • Other factors like distance of hospital from airport, availability of language translators, easy access to blood banks, international cuisines, availability of round-the-clock pharmacy within or around the hospital premises, etc.

You should also be aware about various kinds of heart treatments that are performed by our team of best heart surgeon in India:

  • Coronary Angiogram
    This is a diagnostic procedure performed to detect blockages in coronary arteries. It involves x-ray imaging to see where and how much blockage is there in the arteries. Based on the results, decision regarding further interventions like coronary angioplasty, CABG or medical management is taken.
  • Coronary Stenting/PTCA/Angioplasty
    This procedure is used to open blocked arteries by either permanently placing stent (a tiny wire mesh tube) in the artery or temporarily inserting and inflating a small balloon in the blocked artery so that it gets wide opened.
  • Bypass Surgery
    A surgical procedure that can either be open heart or minimally invasive in order to restore normal blood flow to the blocked coronary artery. During the surgery, a blood vessel is taken from the legs, arms or chest of the patient and used as a graft to bypass the blocked area of diseased artery.
  • Valve Replacement
    Heart valve surgery is performed to replace diseased valve in cases of mitral regurgitation or atrial stenosis. Various surgical options for this procedure include – tissue valve, mechanical valve surgery, Ross procedure and TAVI/TAVR procedure.
  • EP Study
    A minimally invasive procedure done to study the electrical conduction system of heart, particularly in cases of abnormal heartbeat (arrhythmia). It helps in detecting the location from where the arrhythmia is coming from and do the needful treatment.
  • RF Ablation
    This helps in treating arrhythmia by the use of radiofrequency energy to destroy the heart tissues that cause irregular heartbeats. It does so without damaging nearby/other healthy tissues of the heart. It helps in treating conditions like atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter or SVT (supraventricular tachycardia).
  • Pacemaker Implantation
    It involves placement of a small electronic device in the patient’s chest (beneath the collar bone) in order to treat/regulate the problems related to electrical system of the heart.
  • Paediatric Cardiac Surgery
    Treatment of children with congenital heart defect is also done at some of the best hospital for heart surgery in India. They are very well equipped to take care of children with defects like hole in the heart, valve disease, etc.