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Best Heart Care In India

Home BlogAffordable cost and timely treatment in addition to the superb clinical expertise make India an ideal choice for treatment of any kind of heart disease.

Affordable cost and timely treatment in addition to the superb clinical expertise make India an ideal choice for treatment of any kind of heart disease.

Have you unfortunately been diagnosed with cardiac disease that needs immediate medical attention and so looking for best heart treatment in India? If yes, then you are fortunate enough to have landed at the right place to explore and decide who your healthcare provider in India will be! After having joined hands with the robust team of best heart surgeon in India working with one of the best heart hospital in India, we have emerged as one-stop-solution for all heart related treatments.

Here are some of the reasons why Indiais a preferred medical tourism destination, particularly for best heart treatment in India:

  • Whether its bypass surgery, angioplasty, valve surgery or minimally invasive surgeries, people trust our top heart surgeon in India for their heart treatment.
  • Indian hospitals are well equipped with most advanced instruments that are run by highly experienced and skilled staff so that you get accurate diagnosis for treatment.
  • Cost of treatment is much cheaper than western countries, that too without any compromise with the quality of treatment. The cost of heart surgery here is at least 60 to 70 per cent lesser as compared to other developed countries.
  • Zero waiting time for surgery is also an important factor that leads to increasing footfall from across the globe.
  • India has a plethora of options when it comes to super specialised cardiac care. There are cardiac hospitals that exclusively treat patients with all sorts of cardiac ailments under one roof.
  • Paediatric cardiac surgery is considered to be very complex branch of cardiology as operating upon small children needs great expertise. And our paediatric cardiac surgeons have decades of experience in handling cases of correction of congenital heart abnormalities.
  • Indian hospitals have dedicated international patient care services team that is specially trained in taking care of the needs of patients coming from outside India. Right from receiving them from airport till sending them back to their home country after treatment completion is taken care by this team. They are available round-the-clock for any kind of assistance.
  • These hospitals also have language translators who are qualified interpreters in all major languages. This ensures that you do not face any problem as far as your local language is concerned. We do not let this become a barrier in your medical journey to India. Besides this, hospital staff also speaks fluent English.
  • We provide international cuisine during hospital stay. The menu is decided as per your taste, but also in discussion with your treating doctor and dietician.
  • Most importantly, the infection control measures followed by our internationally accredited hospitals ensures that you stay away from any kind of hospital borne infection.
  • All major hospitals visited by international patients are JCI accredited, which is considered to be a seal of approval as far as patient safety and quality of healthcare is concerned. They are known for creating and sustaining patient-friendly environment.
  • The journey of best heart treatment in India does not end with the completion of treatment, rather our team stays connected with each and every patient even after they go back to their home countries. We are reachable anytime for all kinds of assistance.