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Best Heart Surgeon In India Helps With Dramatic Improvement Of Holes In Heart

Having high end technology in Indian cardiac centres has nowadays come as a boon for plenty of cardiac patients in the country, as well as for many of those coming from foreign countries under medical tourism. For the best heart surgeon in India, there have been plenty of challenges for carrying out the heart surgery in India with maximum success and minimal casualty. This is a challenge that can be best faced, when there are proper equipments and diagnostic and therapeutic measures. Alongside, there should also be lowering of the cost of heart surgery in India, which will benefit millions of patients suffering from cardiac abnormalities from all age groups. Among the different conditions that particularly pose a challenge to the cardiologists, there are conditions that have holes in the heart.

Septal defects amount to variety of holes and symptoms

Technically speaking, holes in the heart, refers to the problems of septal defects, due to which there is an existing patency between two chambers of the heart, which otherwise should be completely separated by intact wall or septum. In the presence of a defect in the septum, there is a mix of blood in the chambers, which is not a normal scenario. Instead, with the presence of the holes in the heart, the blood from two separate chambers will mix and ultimately the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood mix, thereby the lack of oxygen being manifested in different organs.

Location of a hole in different places with broad based treatment procedures

In most cases, the holes in the heart refer to the septal defect between the atrial chambers and the ventricular chambers. When the defect is present between the right and left atrium, it is the condition known as Atrial Septal Defect or ASD. The same condition between the left and right ventricle will be termed as Ventricular Septal Defect or VSD. Both these conditions are a problem for normal blood flow for the patient. Since there is mixed blood in the vessels, there is cyanosis in many of these patients. Such conditions of holes in the heart will require proper diagnosis, assessment of the condition and thereby preparing for the heart surgery in India. In the hands of the best heart surgeon in India, there will be bright chances of closure of these defects, so that the patients will be up and running at the earliest.

Lots of improvements in the Indian cardiac treatments and surgeries in modern world

There has been significant development in the tools and gadgets which are being used for diagnosis and therapeutic interventions. So, the success of such operations is quite bright, while the cost of heart surgery in India, particularly for such conditions is quite less. This kind of change in the scenario of Indian heart surgery system has given hope to many people, for their children. These can change the way in which heart surgery in India is being undertaken. Since these procedures are being undertaken without the need to open the anterior chest wall, there is further improvement in the way the holes in the heart are being handled by the best heart surgeon in India.