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The Bentall procedure is a surgery that is performed to rectify defects of the aorta. The procedure includes the replacement of the aortic root (base of the aorta) and valve (three flaps that ensure the one-way flow of blood from the heart to the aorta), and reimplanting of the coronary arteries (that branch out from the ascending aorta). The most recent type of surgery is known as the button Bentall surgery.

The Bentall surgery is advised for the following conditions of the aorta:

The surgery may also have to be performed in cases of aneurysms, where the ascending aorta balloons out. The surgery helps in preventing the aorta from rupturing and causing a fatal hemorrhage.

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The Bentall surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia.

During the surgery, an incision is made along the middle of the chest to access the heart. The heart's activity is temporarily stopped by surgeon to perform the operation, and blood flow is redirected to a heart lung machine.

The diseased part of patient's aorta is removed and the valve is examined. The diseased aortic valves are then removed. The coronary arteries, along with a large portion of the surrounding wall of the aorta are also dissected. An artificial graft that has a mechanical or bioprosthetic valve  is sutured at the ends of the aorta. Two holes are created in the graft, and the coronary artery buttons are sewn into it. The valve replacement may be evaluated by the cardiac surgeon by streaming some blood into the area and inspecting for any kind of leakage. Once the repair is done completely, the incision is closed.


After the surgery, patient is shifted to the post anaesthesia care unit and put on a ventilator where his/her vitals are monitored. Before discharge, the treating doctor gives a set of instructions to be followed such as:

Bentall Surgery

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How to Keep the Heart Healthy After Surgery

Some basic lifestyle changes would be required to keep the heart healthy after surgery. The two most important ways to stay healthy are -

Regular Exercising

Eating Heart-Healthy Food

Eating habits can help in lowering down cholesterol, blood pressure, and weight. One thing to keep in mind here is that food need not be tasteless and boring to be healthy. Following tips can be helpful:

Consumption of Less Fat

Consumption of Less Salt

Consumption of More Fiber

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